3 Simple Ways To Peel Peaches For Summertime Recipes

#3 simple ways to peel peaches for summertime recipes

Excited to peachify your salads, cobblers and fruit pies this summer but hate those pesky peach skins? Peeling your peaches doesn’t have to be a messy process and can be done quickly no matter how many peaches you need. Whether your peaches are ripe and soft or still firm and stubbornly holding onto their skins, we've got a tip below that will work for you.

Peeling a ripe peach

#3 simple ways to peel peaches for summertime recipes

Start by choosing the less firm peaches when you’re shopping at the grocery store (the firm peaches tend to not work as well with this peeling method). Bring a saucepan of water to a boil and test one peach first to see if it is ripe enough for their skins to slip off in the water.

#3 simple ways to peel peaches for summertime recipes

Leave the peach in the pan for 30 seconds, then use a spoon to lift the peach out of the boiling water and place it into an ice water bath for 10 seconds.

#3 simple ways to peel peaches for summertime recipes

Pinch a side of the peach and watch the skin start to slip off easily. Once successful, place as many peaches as you can into your saucepan and repeat.

Peeling an unripe peach

Carefully use a knife to score a small X at the bottom of your peaches and place your peaches into a pot of boiling water. Let the peaches sit for 60 seconds then transfer them to a bowl of ice water for 10 seconds. As soon as the peach is cool enough to handle, use your knife to remove the skin. 

Peeling a peach using a paring knife (best for salads)

#3 simple ways to peel peaches for summertime recipes

Carefully cut the top to the bottom of the peach while rotating the fruit in your hand. Turn it around and repeat on the other side leaving the peach cut in four different sections. Grab a piece of skin from a section and slide it downward to remove. Repeat on all other sections. 

Enjoy your fresh peeled peaches and if you’re looking for new peached-filled recipes, check out our Peach Category Page.

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