9 Sweet Recipes for 2-Ingredient Ice Creams

#9 sweet recipes for 2-ingredient ice creams

Ice cream made with just two ingredients? Without an ice cream machine? Can that really be a thing? It can if you choose the right two elements! You don't even need an ice cream maker - a mixer or food processor will do the job! 

For a super-creamy and rich concoction, full fat heavy whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk will start you down a decadent path. Follow the easy instructions in the recipes for whipping, mixing and freezing your way to frosty dessert heaven! 

For the more health-conscious, there are tons of fruit-based recipes that are just as easy! Some are even soft-serve-ready as soon as they’re mixed, so if you can’t wait to taste, it’s not a problem - scoop away! If you’re a fan of hard-pack ice cream, a detour to the freezer is all this dessert needs. 

And for the truly adventurous, you can use snow as one of your ingredients. Yep, snow! Hey, ice cream isn’t just for summer!

Rich and Creamy

For lovers of traditional ice cream, this is what you want! Heavy whipping cream guarantees a rich texture that will put you in ice cream heaven.

2 Ingredients Ice Cream

#2-ingredient ice creamsMix, freeze and eat! That's all there is to it! Sweetened condensed milk satisfies your sweet tooth, and the cream satisfies, well, everything else! This easy ice cream recipe from Key Ingredient is delicious just as it is, but you can jazz it up by adding fruit, nuts, chocolate and more.

Homemade Ice Cream (No Machine)

For visual learners, Bigger Bolder Baking shows you all the steps for making 2-Ingredient Ice Cream. And the bonus? Bunches of ideas for add-ins to customize your frozen treat!

Fast, Fresh and Fruity!

Love ice cream, but not the fat or calories? Or prefer a dairy-free lifestyle? Frozen fruit whips up with a surprisingly creamy texture that's good for you! These 2-ingredient flavor combos will let you pretend to be bad when you're actually being very, very good!

2-Ingredient Banana Berry Ice Cream

Don't like to share? This recipe from Real Housemoms makes one generous serving of pure fruit goodness. Plop a frozen banana and some frozen berries in your food processor, and you're good to go! Instant gratification!

2-Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream

#2-ingredient ice creamsWhat to do with bananas that are a bit too ripe for plain eating? Baking banana bread is an obvious choice, but you can freeze them and use them as a base for ice cream - no sugar added! The added peanut butter in this recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod provides a little protein, too!

Almond Butter Banana Ice Cream

Almond butter adds a different nutty flavor along with a touch of protein when you include it in this easy food processor banana ice cream. The Coconut Mama doctors it up with delicious toppings, too!

No-Churn 2-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream

Okay, this one cheats a little. Real strawberries - you bet! The surprise second ingredient here is flavored coffee creamer! How easy is that? The Slow Roasted Italian has the proportions all worked out to result in a super-easy strawberry ice cream. It's a bit of a cheat, but the result is worth it.

2-Ingredient Strawberry Ice Cream

#2-ingredient ice creamsIf you love strawberry ice cream but insist on behaving yourself, The Lemon Bowl has your back! Frozen strawberries and bananas blend to make a creamy-tasting fresh fruit dessert that you can enjoy guilt-free.

Nutella Banana Ice Cream

Nutella is a fun cheat with two ingredients (chocolate and hazelnuts) in one. Get those frozen bananas ready, and you have a 2-ingredient ice cream that tastes like more! Watch the video to see Tip Buzz put the whole process in motion for you.

Let It Snow!

For those winter ice cream cravings, try snow as one of your ingredients - just make sure it is fresh and clean. Add additional flavors if you like, but the basic recipe is mighty tasty!

Make Snow Ice Cream with 2 Ingredients

Start with fresh, clean snow and add your favorite flavor of coffee creamer. Lots of tasty options, including sugar-free. Keep a stock of flavored creamers at your mountain cabin, and dessert is on its way, courtesy of Mom 4 Real!

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