How To Make Boozy Popsicles

boozy popsicles

by Kris Keolker, Product Manager at Key Ingredient

If you've ever looked at your favorite dessert and said to yourself, "You know what would make this better? Alcohol!" then you, my friend, are just like me. It's hard to say whether I love dessert or cocktails more, so I knew that for my recent bachelorette party, I had to try something I'd heard of before but never had the chance to experience: sangria-inspired popsicles. 

It was my first time making boozy popsicles, and I wasn't sure how easy this would be, but (spoiler alert!) it ended up being completely painless.

boozy popsicles ingredientsAll I needed to start were some fresh berries (I chose raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries), my booze of choice—in this case, champagne (technically cava)...because duh—and some lemonade. You don't even need any extra sugar or fancy equipment; you do need your average blender and some popsicle molds or bags, though. I used bags for mine—cheap, disposable, and easy-peasy.

boozy popsicles ingredientsFor a recipe like this, I recommend going with a cheap bottle of bubbly like I did—you're blending it with so many other flavors that you definitely don't need it to be the fancy stuff.

boozy popsicles After blending the fresh fruit with some lemonade, I poured in about 1/3 bottle of champagne and mixed it in (if that doesn't sound like enough, don't worry, more champagne got added later).

boozy popsiclesOnce it's all blended, it's time to fill the molds/bags and freeze. Pour a splash of champagne in first (but not too much or they'll be too boozy to freeze properly), then top with the blended mixture up to the fill line. I recommend waiting at least 12 hours like I did to make sure they're frozen solid before enjoying. Once they're frozen, share your awesome creation with your friends...or don't, because either way I'm certainly not going to judge you!

Check out the complete recipe below.




Raspberries (I used 2 raspberry containers since they come in a smaller package)

2 to 3 bottles Champagne/Prosecco/Cava



Add fruit to blender and blend, adding lemonade as you blend to make it really really smooth. Once it is a liquid consistency, pour in about 1/3 bottle of champagne. Skim foam off the top. 

Grab a popsicle bag and a funnel. Pour 1 1/2 to 2 inches of champagne in the bottom. Pour fruit mixture over champagne. 

Make sure not to fill over the fill line. 

Seal and freeze.


Looking for more popsicle recipes? Check out 10 Summer Popsicles to Cool You Down—there's even a couple boozy ones tucked in there too! uses 'cookies' to give you the best, most relevant experience. Using this website means you're ok with this. You can change which cookies are set at any time and find out more about them by following this link.

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