9 Ways To Cook With Crisp Fall Apples

9 ways to cook with crisp fall applesAnytime is a great time to enjoy apples, but Fall is the time they seem to shine brightest, taking up pride of place in pies, drinks, salads, and even savory main dishes. Today we're rounding up some of our favorite KI recipes and enlisting the help of a few bloggers we love to bring you inspiration and recommendations for creating delicious apple-y dishes we know you'll enjoy.

Varieties of Apple

There are lots of different apple varieties, and each has a range of different cooking applications. Granny Smith apples are firm, tart, and great for cooking because they don't get mushy, while Red Delicious apples, on the other hand, are not as suitable for cooking (unless your end result is meant to be mushy, as with applesauce) and are best used fresh for a sweet addition to snacks and salads. There are many varieties between and besides, however. Here are some favorites from bloggers we love:

Callie (author of A Sweet Potato Pie) loves Fuji apples, which have a sweetness akin to Red Delicious, but a firmer texture. They are great used fresh but can also be suitable for cooking due to their crisp firmness.

Brittany (author of A Healthy Slice of Life) thinks Honeycrisp apples sure are hard to beat. Honeycrisp apples, even more so than Fuji apples, are very juicy, making them very satisfying when eaten fresh.

Sarah (co-author of Curious Cuisiniere) loves them all! When eaten fresh, she particularly enjoys Honeycrisp or Pink Lady apples, which have a great blend of sweetness and tart, tanginess. When it comes to cooking, she prefers to combine multiple types of apples in a dish to create a more complex flavor and texture profile.

Ready to get started with some of these apple varieties? Us too! Let's move on to the round-up, shall we?

Szarlotka (Polish Apple Pie)

szarlotka polish apple pieThis Polish Apple Pie from Sarah and Tim at Curious Cuisiniere is a great alternative to the traditional American apple pie. It has less added sugar than the American apple pies you may have had, keeping the emphasis on the apple and spice flavors. Its lower crust is almost like a shortbread, while the crumbly top crust adds a bit or crunchy crispiness that really complements the spiced apple filling.

Sarah loves apples in applications like pies, cakes, pancakes, and quick-breads (this Polish apple pie is of course no exception). But, she also loves experimenting with apples in more savory dishes like chili, rice pilafs, roasted squash dishes, etc.

Spinach Apple & Pecan Salad

spinach apple & pecan saladLots of apple varieties are delicious in salads, and it could not be a simpler option. This spinach apple and pecan salad has some great crunch, and a wonderful combination of sweet and tart flavors.

Apple Pie Grilled Cheese

apple pie grilled cheeseThis apple pie grilled cheese is an excellent example of how well apples bridge the sweet and savory gap. While the apples in this sandwich are sweet and spiced, they still go perfectly with that gooey cheddar cheese and toasty nut bread. What a great take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich.

Brown Sugar Bacon Turkey with Apple Stuffing

brown sugar bacon turkey with apple stuffingSpeaking of sweet and savory, this gorgeous roast turkey from Callie at A Sweet Potato Pie makes excellent use of apple alongside onion and rosemary for a slightly sweet stuffing that complements the savory turkey and bacon and helps keep the turkey moist from the inside out.

Callie also highly recommends a simple sweet potato & apple hash, which is another excellent way of enjoying the sweet and the savory all at once.

Apple Fritters

apple frittersTreat yourself to some sweet and comforting glazed apple fritters with this simple recipe. Apple fritters are perfect for a sweet breakfast or deep-fried dessert.

Looking for another sweet, apple-y breakfast? Check out this bonus recipe for Best Ever Apple Pancakes from Debbie, author of A Mom's Paradise.

Fried Apple Cheddar Turkey Burgers

fried apple cheddar turkey burgersLet's bring back the turkey + apple combo for a second. These turkey burgers with fried apples and cheddar cheese make a surprising combination, but a delicious one. We recommend enjoying these with a little maple-y barbecue sauce spread onto the bun.

Apple Cinnamon Oat Muffins

apple cinnamon muffinsThese Apple Cinnamon Oat muffins from Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life make for a great breakfast that's a little more healthy than, say, apple fritters. While it offers some of the same amazing flavors present in apple pie, it combines those with hearty and healthy oats for a satisfying, feel-good breakfast.

Brittany also recommends apples chopped up and tossed into a kale salad with walnuts or pecans. It adds a great crunch!

Apple Chips

apple chipsIf you're looking for a delicious apple-y snack that keeps it simple, try these spiced apple chips. These have a satisfying crunch, a little extra sweetness, and awesome Fall spices for a snack that really satisfies.

Apple & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts

apple and cheese stuffed chickenFinally, these apple and cheese stuffed chicken breasts from Debby at A Feast For The Eyes are another great way to incorporate apples into your dinner. Comforting yet a little sophisticated, these roasted chicken breasts are stuffed with apple, shallot, cheddar, tarragon, and a few other seasonings, creating an incredibly flavorful and satisfying dish.


What's your favorite way to cook with apples? And which variety of apple speaks to your soul? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Bloggers

brittany dixonBrittany Dixon authors the blog A Healthy Slice of Life which focuses on healthy and natural food & lifestyle choices as well as chronicling her experiences as a stay at home mom. Her history as a certified health coach helps inform the content she puts out into the world.

sarah and timSarah and her husband, Tim, run the cultural food blog, Curious Cuisiniere, where they share easy to follow recipes and food history from around the world, inspiring food lovers and home cooks to learn about and experience global cultures from the comfort of their own kitchen

Debbie FoodiewifeDebby, author of A Feast for the Eyes, is a recipe blogger from California. Her cooking influences include her mother's Bavarian cooking and her father's Latino heritage. She loves recipes that are simple, unpretentious comfort home cooking.

Callie Washer runs her blog A Sweet Potato Pie while caring for her three young children, clipping coupons, and DIYing everything. Originally from Louisiana, she now lives in Denver, CO, but she still loves cajun recipes and has always had a focus on living frugally.

Debbie is the author of A Mom's Paradise, where she focuses on making the chaos of motherhood fun and joyful. She has 4 children and 3 grandchildren and loves DIY and down-to-earth everyday cooking that makes being a mom as fun and easy as possible.

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