13 Great Gifts for Foodies in 2017

gifts for foodies

As any foodie already knows, the food scene is constantly changing and innovating. With all that change, it can be hard to settle on the best gift for your foodie friend or loved one, especially when foodies can have such discerning tastes. That's why we've put together this list full of our recommendations for 2017. We're sure you can find something here your foodie will love.

An Excellent Chef's Knife

chef's knifeLet's start with something classic that foodies will always appreciate no matter what year it is. The chef's knife is a kitchen staple, and having a very sharp, very strong one makes so many cooking tasks loads easier. This 8-inch knife from Victorinox is affordable (less than $50) and comes highly recommended from experts like those at Cooks Illustrated. If you're looking for a slightly more beautiful option, this knife from DALSTRONG is also a strong choice.

A Honing/Sharpening Steel

honing steelWhile we're on the subject of knives, a good honing steel is an awesome tool for a foodie who wants to keep the sharp edge on their knives for a long, long time. This gift is fairly cheap and is compatible with whatever straight-edged knives your foodie friend already has in their kitchen.

Foodie Inspiration Dice

foodie diceFoodies are constantly on the lookout for new ways to experience food, and these inspiration dice really speak to that desire for novelty. These are perfect for that foodie in your life who has cooked it all and gets bored of the old standbys. With this lovely jar of simple dice, you can give them the gift of challenge and inspiration.

Fancy Truffle Oils

truffle oilsTruffle oil has grown in popularity lately, but most foodies don't have access to it at home. This decadent selection lets them try their hand at truffly dishes themselves (which has the added perk of making them feel like a professional chef, if they aren't one already). Alternatively, this truffle condiment selection is another great gift to indulge your foodie's truffle obsession.

A Foodie Trivia Game

foodie triviaDo you know a foodie who's always astounding you with their culinary knowledge? This trivia game may just be perfect for them. Even those who don't know it all can enjoy the learning experience this game provides.

The Famous Instant Pot

instant potThis option is a little pricier, but if you have the money, it's so worth it. Everyone's been talking about the Instant Pot lately, and it's an especially excellent choice for the foodie in your life who loves cooking but hates wasting time. And since it's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, saute pan, and yogurt maker all in one, there's something for every foodie to fall in love with. To learn more, check out our article on 9 Reasons People Can't Stop Talking About InstaPot.

A Simple Keychain

whisk keychainIf you're looking for something very small and simple (perhaps for a stocking-stuffer or white elephant exchange), this whisk keychain is a cute little option. This is especially perfect for those foodies who especially enjoy baking or sauces.

The Gift of Learning

food anatomy bookThe rest of these options are books, which we like for a couple reasons. First, while many foodies thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating, many may not be familiar with the wealth of accessible and interesting literature out there on food. Secondly books can double as table decor, which is perfect for the foodie who likes to host dinner parties and chat about food. This particular selection from Julia Rothman is full of beautiful illustrations and lays out basic yet captivating descriptions of the science and history of food and the culture surrounding it.

The Gift of Shortcuts

kitchen hacks bookIf the foodie you have in mind frequents Pinterest or follows food bloggers, this might just be the perfect book for them. This book helps foodies feel like they're in the know about all things cooking and never have to worry they're wasting time or ruining a recipe by doing something the wrong way. We call it the gift of shortcuts, but it's also the gift of reassurance.

The Gift of Mixology

winter cocktails bookMaybe your foodie is more interested in fancy cocktails than in fancy food? There's a book for them too, and it's especially perfect for the holiday season. This book is full of inspiration for the mixologist who's looking to keep themselves warm and boozy this year.

The Gift of New Skills

sous vide bookIf your foodie loves to try new things, this book can teach them an entirely new skill. Sous vide used to be nearly impossible to do at home, but technology has come a long way, and home cooks are learning that sous vide isn't out of their reach any longer. With this book, you grant them one of the tools they need to dive in and master a new cooking domain.

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