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Basic Brine Solution


Brining is a popular method for improving the flavor and moisture content of lean meats like chicken, turkey, pork and seafood. Brined meat tends to cook faster than unbrined meat. Basic brine recipes contain salt, sugar, and flavorings. And good brine recipes strike a balance between these three components, so that no single taste or flavor is overpowering in the smoked meat. I use kosher salt most of the time because it dissolves quickly but Kosher salt and table salt are the most common salts used in flavor brining.


Chicken Brine Recipe:
Use a pot that when filled with brine, the chicken is completely submerged so that brine solution can freely cover each chicken or chicken pieces. The amount of brine solution is determined by how much chicken you’re using – rule of thumb is ¾ to one gallon per bird. A large pan or casserole dish food grade plastic bucket works great for this.
Mixing Brine Solution:
1 . To each gallon add three-quarters cup of salt
2 . Optional – ¼ cup of sugar (white or brown...your choice)
3 . Optional - ¼ cup of vinegar or beer
4 . Optional - Two tablespoons of paprika, and one tablespoon of ground black pepper. Be sure that the salt and sugar is dissolved completely before mixing in the paprika and pepper.
5 . Soak whole chicken in the brine overnight OR brine chicken halves or pieces 3-4 hours.
Keep the brining chicken in the refrigerator to prevent spoilage. After brining, pat the chicken dry to make ready for oiling or dry rub.

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