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Smoked Chicken


Whole chickens or halved halved, brined and seasoned with a special chicken dry rub before going into the smoker. So if you’re smoking some ribs, or a brisket, or a big, juicy pork butt, and you want to throw in a whole chicken because it’s just not right to waste smoker space. The skin won’t brown as nicely as it would’ve using the hot smoking method, but it’ll do in a pinch. The chicken made with this smoked chicken recipe is great for making sandwiches. Shred the meat, mix in some of your favorite barbeque sauce, and pile it on a bun with a couple of dill pickle slices. Smoked chicken is also perfect for making tasty appetizers. I like to put a dollop of softened herbed cream cheese on a Ritz cracker and plop a chunk of cold smoked chicken on top. Yummm….sprinkle paprika and wow your next party!


Chicken cut into Halves (breast, thigh, leg)
3-4 Game Hens
Brine Solution: Brine recipes contain salt, sugar, and flavorings. And good brine recipes strike a balance between these three components, so that no single taste or flavor is overpowering in the smoked meat.
Non-Iodized Salt:
Canning Salt - Kosher Salt - Sea Salt
White Sugar or Brown Sugar
Optional Vinegar
Optional Spices
Rinse a whole chicken. Trim off excess skin and fat. Soak the chicken in a simple brine for 4 hours:
2 quarts cold water
cup non-iodized salt
¼ cup sugar

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