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Peaches & Cream Crustless Pie (or crust, if you wish!)

Peaches & Cream Crustless Pie (or crust, if you wish!)
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In the June 2011 issue of Cook's Country, there's a recipe for Peaches & Cream Pie. In the style of America's Test Kitchen, it was discovered that by roasting fresh peaches, and pre-baking a pie crust, the pie crust would not become soggy. The "cream" portion of the pie is a mixture of flour, sugar, heavy cream and eggs, with some extra egg yolk for richness. The pie turned out great-- except that I had extra peaches and filling leftover. On a whim, I make a crustless pie in two ramekins. While the pie was delicious, I LOVED the ramekins of baked peaches and the cream filling. Either way, crust or not crust, I think that Cook's Country created a delicious recipe. I kicked things up a couple more notches, by making a Creme Anglaise and a Raspberry Coulis sauce. Wow! If you love pie crusts (which I don't), I've included full recipe. Otherwise, skip the crust part and bake this "pie" in ramekins.

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