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Fig Butter


Perfect for making fig newtons. This recipe can also be used with other fruits. The instructions are simple-to-follow; if you can boil water, you can make this fig butter!


½ package of Dr. Oetker’s Jam Express
9 oz dehydrated figs
4 cups boiling water (boil for about 8 minutes)
3 TBSP brown sugar
2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt
1 8" glass jam jar
pot of boiling water
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Nutrition Facts

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Boil water in 2 separate pots In one pot, bring water to boil with figs. Allow to boil for about 8 minutes or until figs have absorbed so much water that they are back to their natural size. Dump out water, leaving about 1/4 cup of the water in the pot. Use a hand blender and tall plastic container to puree figs. Put the pureed figs back in the pot, turn the stove on low. Add 1/2 a box of Dr. Oetker's Jam Express, along with brown sugar, cinnamon, and pinch of salt. Fold these ingredients together with a large spoon over low heat for about 3-5 minutes, or until puree thickens and becomes mildly gelatinous. Using clean tongs or a jar lifter, insert glass jam jar and lid into boiling water, making sure the entire jar gets inserted into the water. Add the fig butter into the hot, clean jam jar. Close the jar TIGHTLY with the lid. Process 5 minutes* at 180 F in a large pot with lid or a covered boiling water bath canner (this is a large pot that will allow you to cover the jar up to 2 inches above the jar's lid in water, but also leaves 2 inches of empty space between the water and the pot's lid for boiling purposes). Add more water to preserve the proper water level; reduce heat to maintain a steady boil. Store Fig Butter In Refrigerator; not sure how long it will keep, so check before serving. *If you live 1,000-3,000 ft above water just do it for 5 minutes; add an additional 5 more minutes of boiling time for every 3,000 feet above this level (ie 3,000-6,000 ft = 10 minutes).

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