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Dutch Oven Stuffed Cornish Hens

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Excellent!- This is a meal for when you want to show off! This recipe was a winner at a national Dutch Oven cooking competition. Have a camera ready to capture the moment when you open the oven and have roasted game hens nestled in sweet carrots and roasted corn on the cob. To rub it in, sprinkle the hens with paprika to add a touch of color. Have a stick handy to beat off the rest of the Troop who’ll want to eat with you. Pita bread wrapped in packets of foil and warmed on the coals on the lid makes this one of the most perfect meals you can cook in a Dutch oven.


2 Cornish Game Hens
Wild rice dressing mix (1 pkg.)
4 carrots, cut in half & sliced lengthwise,
4 ears of corn

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