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Lilibet's Pavlova

  • 8 servings
  • Mins
    Prep Time
  • Mins
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PAVLOVA -(an Australian dessert). Very showy and very pretty and very tricky. If you do not get it, persevere, keep trying, it is worth it and inexpensive. You can form any shape you like (usually round or rectangular) but the art is in the mound of mountains peaks you will make around the center- leaving a space in the middle which you fill with about half an inch of the meringue, later to be further filled with whipped cream and berries. WARNING:This dessert has to be done at least 8 hours before serving or the night before. If the whites are not 100% at ROOM temperature this will not work. Also, when you are making a dessert that only uses yolks ,freeze the whites and you can use them on a later date for the Pavlova.


½ cup egg whites
1 cup fine white sugar
Dash cream of tartar
parchment paper
1 cup heavy whipping cream
Drop of vanilla extract
1 tb or more confectionary sugar
Assorted berries and/or kiwi

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