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Slow Cooker - Fresh Picnic Ham

A picnic ham is a cut of pork taken from the shoulder of a pig. It is technically not a ham. Ham by definition is cut from the upper part of a pig's hind leg. A picnic ham also called a picnic shoulder is an inexpensive alternative for a true ham when making casseroles or soups. How much picnic ham you will need for a meal depends if the ham is bone-in or not. If it is a bone-in picnic ham, plan on at least a ¾ of a pound of meat per serving. For a boneless ham allow ¼ to ⅓ of a pound per serving.


Things You'll Need
5 - to 8-pound picnic ham
Crock pot
2 cups of liquid: apple or orange juice or chicken broth
Instant-read thermometer
Aluminum foil

Nutrition Facts

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