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Stupid Home Remedies - Bar Soap and Leg Cramps


Q. I have been in medicine for almost 35 years, specializing in urology, then in organ transplant. Putting a bar of soap at the end of your bed for leg cramps is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. But I had leg cramps. So I tried it. I haven't had one since! Just call me stupid. A. Thanks for sharing your experience. The soap under the bottom sheet doesn't work for everyone, but many skeptical health professionals have also discovered that it relieves their leg cramps. Many other readers agree with you. Here are some of their comments: "I used to get painful cramps in my feet, usually at night or when they got cold. Previously, nothing worked except wrapping the affected foot in a heating pad and waiting about 10 minutes. Now I take a bar of scented soap and drop it in each sock, rubbing it on the inside of the sock, removing the soap, then wearing the socks to bed. This has NEVER failed me. No more foot cramps. Thanks to you, People's Pharmacy!" ++++++++++++ "I keep soap chips in an old sock near my bed and every morning when I stretch while still in bed, I'll occasionally get a leg cramp. I immediately place the sock on the cramp and the relief is instantaneous!" ++++++++++++ "I love your articles but have thought the soap under the sheet was ridiculous. My sleep has been disturbed for years with leg cramps. Putting heat on my legs seemed to be the only way for temporary relief. I tried the soap and so far have been sleeping through the night like a baby. Thank you." ++++++++++++ Not everyone gets relief from this home remedy: "Soap did nothing for foot and leg cramps or for restless legs. Magnesium supplements have both under control." Those who do find soap under the bottom sheet helpful might be interested in our specially designed Bed Soap. The bars are large but flatter than most ordinary soap, so they are less disruptive in bed. If you are interested in practical, affordable home remedies, you may wish to subscribe to our **free** online newsletter. It offers questions and answers about drugs, home remedies, nutrition and non-drug approaches to healing; commentaries on the most pressing health issues of the day; special alerts on breaking health news as it happens and coverage of the top health headlines of the week.


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