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Oopsie Rolls


Low Carb Makes 6 at about 85 calories a piece, about 1.5 carbs each Found this recipe on a low carb site. Made these today...EXCELLENT Recipe tells you to bake on baking sheet, but I used my muffin top pan and worked great. These can be stored in Ziplock bag on the kitchen counter for several days without refrigeration, but will hold for a full week in the fridge. If the rolls seem very moist or sticky when you're ready to use them, remove the ones you want to use from the Ziplock bag and place on a cooling rack for a while, then put into a new bag. You can also pop them into the toaster or toaster oven for just a minute or two, but watch carefully..they WILL BURN FAST! Can use as a breakfast sandwich by adding cooked sausage and cheese...your egg is the two rolls. You can also add a cooked one if you want, so you're getting two eggs. They are good as a regular sandwhich "bread" without all the carbs. Try as pizza or make a shortcake, or how about a cream cheese Danish. NOTE: Good to take two with you if you're running around for the day and stop and get a burger, throw out their buns and replace with the oopsie buns! They do not get soggy, either. I also make them in double batches now, so I get a dozen from each batch. That gives me 6 sandwiches or a combination of sandwiches and toast.


3 Large eggs at room temperature
1 pkg. Splenda (I used Stevia)or you can use sugar or omit and use spices like garlic powder
½ teaspoon of salt
teaspoon Cream of Tartar
3 OUNCES (not tablespoons) Cream Cheese(DO NOT SOFTEN)!

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