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4 oz. raspberry juice
8 oz. enlightened base
2 scoops strawberries
1 scoop raspberries
1 scoop blueberries
1 scoop ice


•1 scoop is about 1/2 cup…or a rounded traditional ice cream scoop •Enlightened base is a low calorie dairy sweetener that can be found at health food stores, but you can substitute it with some juice or soymilk! •Use juice concentrate instead of regular juice. That’s what they do at Jamba, and it’s what gives it the strong/amazing flavor! Try frozen concentrates with less water than it calls for…otherwise you will have way too much liquid. •I found that my recipe called for a bit more liquid than it needed. Try adding less than it says, and adding more as you need it. Then you’ll have the perfect consistency! Enjoy!!

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