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Olallieberry Jam Recipe

  • 6 pints
  • Mins
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Here's the technical stuff: The olallieberry (pronounced oh-la-leh, sometimes spelled ollalieberry, olallaberry, olalliberry, ollalaberry or ollaliberry) is a cross between the loganberry and the youngberry, each of which is itself a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively). As far as I know, they are grown primarily in Oregon and California (where I live). Their season is very short, usually four weeks in June. You can easily adapt this recipe with the berry of your choice. If you'd like to see a step-by-step on how I taught myself to can my own jam (and it's easier than you think), click on this copy and paste this link to my blog:


8 cups of fresh olallieberries, washed and crushed with a potato masher
6 cups white sugar
1 package pectin (I use Sure-Jell)
1 Tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1 pat unsalted butter (optional, but reduces the amount of foam build up)

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