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It’s a quintessential to the Caribbean as the sun and the sea. And it’s traveled well beyond the islands to places like Alaska and even the Orient. But the roots of this simple but sweetly sublime imbibe began in Old San Juan Puerto Rico. In fact restaurant Barrachinea a forty-year-old establishment on Calle Fortaleza has a plaque listing the spot as its birthplace, so there will be no mistake about it. Barrachina's story dates back to 1960, when a famous Spanish Chef Pepe Barrachina met don Ramon Portas Mingot in South America. The two became friends and partnered in Gallinare’s House restaurant in Old San, now the site of Restaurant Barrachina. Don Ramon, who has also worked in Curacao at the famous Papillion, became bartender in old San Juan and created a new drink with coconut, condensed milk, pineapple juice and rum, which he called Pina colada. It was 1963, 46 years ago. Today the pina colada is headed to a ripe flavorful old age. Since some versions are better than others, why not try the recipe stused at Restaurant Barrachina in old San Juan?

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