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Meaty Quesadillas

Try this easy recipe for Meaty Quesadillas!

Slimming down with MEAT

meat on scale

This week we are slimming down at The Back Burner.  Only seems appropriate with swimsuit season just around the corner.  I am  happy to say that I have been pretty good this year;  but, with June only a month and a half way, I am feeling the pinch.  Time to really buckle down with some more »

Roasting Meat or Fish


A few weeks ago I wrote about the cooking technique baking.  Roasted and baking are basically interchangeable cooking techniques.  Rule of thumb when deciding whether you should roast or bake something, baking is for cakes, pies, cookies, etc… and roasting is for proteins or vegetables. I find roasting is one of the easiest ways to cook more »

Beef Stock

Beef Stock

I love spending a lazy weekend day, at home catching up, and making stock.  I like to think of it as “healthy multi-tasking”.  I get home things such as cleaning the toilets, organizing a cabinet, dusting away dust bunnies finished, and I have a big pot of comforting stock.  From there, I have a meal more »