Best Recipes on Key Ingredient

Summer Squash Pilaf: A Rice Cooker Recipe


Still picking zucchini and summer squash out of your garden? Here’s one more way to serve it up and it’s super easy!

Perfect Picnic Pair: Grilled Lamb & Wine


Today I have Grilled Lamb Chops with Peppercorns & Savory Mint Sauce because I like the romance of a picnic. But I also like to break the rules. So my picnics usually stretch beyond fried chicken confines. Because there are a lot of great choices that are perfectly suited to eating outdoors, slouched up against more »

Two Fast and Easy Tofu Dinners

fried rice whole shot

In my pre-vegan days eggs were often my go to ingredient for a quick dinner. Now that I’m vegan, I still make some of the same convenience foods only I use the magic of tofu instead of eggs. Scrambled tofu and fried rice are great ways to get dinner on the table fast.

Moroccan Lamb Shanks

This week’s theme was Thanksgiving, Falling Leaves, and Colorful Recipes for Fall.  I decided to take the theme to another level by serving this Moroccan inspired meal. Normally, one does not serve lamb over Thanksgiving;  but it isn’t all about the Turkey!  We love this dish, as it is not only flavorful, and reminiscent of more »