Best Recipes on Key Ingredient

Budget-Friendly Healthy Veggie Stew


It’s January, the time to eat healthy and get on a budget. While some people think the two can’t happen at the same time I’m here to prove them wrong.

Cooking for a Crowd of Ghouls and Goblins!

Vegan Halloween Black-Eyed Peas from Your Slow Cooker

Every year I have a Gothic sit-down dinner party for 13 to 16 people. It can be a little nerve-wracking, but I have my trusty slow cookers which make large, multi-course dinners manageable.

It’s Almost Halloween!

Super-Scary Spicy Chili Stuffed Jack-O-Peppers

Halloween is my favorite holiday. You get to dress up and with these recipes you even get to play with your food! Here are two recipes that will make your Halloween frightful!

Slow Cooker Get-Well-Quick Chickpea Soup


You always need a back-up plan in case you feel a little under the weather. This soup is what I’m counting on if I get sick this year.