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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Idea: Sugar Cookies

sugar cookie recipe

Hello everyone! This week we are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Key Ingredient. This is one of my favorite family recipes…it has been passed down through 3 generations! 

Leftover Holiday Cheer


I have a little “leftover” Christmas cheer to spread. So, Merry Christmas! I’m not afraid to say it, ’cause it means Happy Holidays. I made scones this year. Maple Oat Scones. I made enough to feed an army. I made enought to have leftover. I made them to take to parties. I made them for more »

My Thanksgiving Hangover


It’s the day after Thanksgiving and the only thing I have “leftover” is a “hangover”. No, not from too much drinking. Well not only from too much drinking. There’s also the overeating and the over indulgence in patience I managed to swallow! Oh no. Thanksgiving had barely come and gone and I feel the need more »

Pumpkin Glazed Turkey Legs


Pumpkin. Turkey. Family. Thanksgiving. I thought I’d try something new this holiday and I wonder what you think about it. My idea is: Bourbon Brined Pumpkin Molasses Glazed Turkey Drumsticks. You see I’m trying to get the courage to skip the whole roasted turkey this year. I’m thinking it might be fun to serve only more »