Key Ingredient Users' Best Recipes

Easy Peasy Paella!


Paella is my favorite go to dish whether it’s cold or hot outside. It is really a diverse dish that offers a lot of flavors without a lot of work. Yes, you have to juggle a couple pans but once you’ve completed this dish once you’ll never go back!

The Most Amazing Brussel Sprouts!

Brussel Sprouts

  I know…I know that title is hard to live up to…but I promise you these are amazing! Brussel sprouts used to be my nemesis. I absolutely hated them. I thought they smelled weird, tasted weird, looked weird the whole bunch. However, as most of you know, in a relationship you just have to compromise. more »

My Favorite Restaurant Tricks!


I love restaurants just as much as anyone else but the older I get the more I realize how insanely unhealthy some places can be. Of course, there are many wonderful restaurants out there where the food is beyond anything I can ever make but with chain restaurants I’m usually trying to decipher if that more »

Yummy Afternoon Snacks


Every day at the same time I get hungry….it’s around 4:30 when the work day is just about over and i’m on my way home. I crave a small snack but usually I ended up gorging on chips and never eat dinner which is not so healthy. Well no more! I have finally found some more »