Best Recipes on Key Ingredient



…but not excessively so. I think one of the worst ways to kick off a resolution-driven New Year’s diet is to quit sweets cold turkey and try to rid the diet completely of superfluous calories.  Existing on low-sugar, fat-free, and fiber-full foods alone is a treacherous (and a bit unnatural) trek. For my money, a more »

a misleading misnomer

A trifle is defined as an article or thing of very little value. I’d like to know who decided to apply that name to the elegant and tasty dessert that we all know and love—it’s just wildly inappropriate. Here’s another thing about a trifle—while it’s gorgeous in its untouched state, all perfectly-layered and colorful, it more »

a toffee tradition

Quick, easy, and undeniably addictive and drool-inducing—what could be better? Yep. This is good stuff. Perhaps you’ve tried or at least seen the variety using matzo. I’m here to tell you that if it’s at all possible, this version is even better. I think the salt on the crisp crackers combined with the rich, semi-sweet more »

gimme some (brown) sugar!

Fact: I prefer brown sugar over white sugar. I’ve been known to dig into a bag of brown sugar with a spoon, but I can’t even imagine doing such an act with white sugar. For this reason, I find it a great tragedy that so much of the world has never tasted brown sugar pie. more »