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Cool Cocktails are Hot!


Would you rather be too hot or too cold? Don’t sweat it. Spicy Cocktails are both hot and cold. As illogical as it sounds, piquant spices can help cool you down. The cuisines of Thailand and Mexico illustrate this theory– and I say it works with drinks too. Whether they’re made fiery with jalapeños and more »

Campari Alexander


Rich Cocktails are real Christmas treat and a decadent way to imbibe. I find them delightful at the end of a delicious holiday evening. However, rich and decadent need not mean sweet and cloying– luxury can be mixed into the glass in many different ways. Modern bartenders have brought new levels of sophistication to this more »

Thanksgiving Cocktail Idea


This year I’m serving a cocktail for Thanksgiving. The Red Hook. The Red Hook is a classic cocktail made from rye, maraschino liquor and Punt e Mes (a “sweet” vermouth with a “bitter” edge). In case you didn’t know, Red Hook is a neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Somebody got the good idea to specify what more »

Learn to Make a Martini


A good cocktail should be much more than just a good stiff belt. Cocktails have a glamorous allure, but must be impeccably made to keep from becoming brutes. They’re for those of us who like to sip our drinks slow and enjoy their assertive alcohol-forward power. I say this because whenever someone asks me what more »