Key Ingredient Users' Best Recipes

Chocolate (and Peanut Butter) Cake


When I heard that The Back Burner was to be discussing peanut butter this week the phrase “let them eat cake” immediately popped in my head. I have this  cookbook from Elinor Klivens that features a chocolate and peanut butter cake that I have been dying to try. I know. I know. Chocolate. Perhaps the more »

Say ‘yes’ to Chocolate


There are some things in life that just shouldn’t be messed with and brownies are one of them. But I decided to mess with them anyway. Double Chocolate Brownies with Crushed Almond & Espresso. I made this bold decision because I saw that my colleague Kathy presented a vegan version of this classic this week more »

Chocolate Caramel Crêpes

photo 4

Today is March 20th! First day of Spring! We’re celebrating this beautiful day by making delicious Chocolate Caramel Crêpes!

Vegan Chocolate Caramel Mug Brownie


Here’s a quick and easy mug cake that’s all vegan and cooks in just 1 minute!