Key Ingredient Users' Best Recipes

Thanksgiving Cocktail Idea


This year I’m serving a cocktail for Thanksgiving. The Red Hook. The Red Hook is a classic cocktail made from rye, maraschino liquor and Punt e Mes (a “sweet” vermouth with a “bitter” edge). In case you didn’t know, Red Hook is a neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Somebody got the good idea to specify what more »

Learn to Make a Martini


A good cocktail should be much more than just a good stiff belt. Cocktails have a glamorous allure, but must be impeccably made to keep from becoming brutes. They’re for those of us who like to sip our drinks slow and enjoy their assertive alcohol-forward power. I say this because whenever someone asks me what more »

Pitcher Drinks for Entertaining a Crowd


Halloween is the “gateway to the holiday season”. So I’ll share one of my favorite entertaining tips. Every party needs a cocktail. But I don’t always have the budget to hire a bartender and there are better ways for the host to spend his or her time than mixing and shaking. Punch is one way more »

Slip into Something Warm


Cold weather calls for some kid of soul comforting “warmer”. Hot drinks fit the bill. Traditional libations like the Hot Toddy and Hot Buttered Rum have been served in steamy mugs for a very long time. Flips and slings too have their genesis as hot alcoholic drinks designed to sooth the soul. But I’ve decided more »