Raspberry Ginger Bellini from Driscoll’s Berries


I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. One of the perks of this “job” is I often get invited to visit places to check out the food scene. I just got back from a culinary tour of Columbus, Ohio, and I am going salmon fishing in Alaska at the end of the month. Another interesting trip I recently took was to the Bay Area of California to visit a berry farm as the guest of Driscoll’s Berries.

It was a fun trip and I came home with a recipe I want to share. So I am going to do this backwards today. I am going to start with a recipe and end with a story. Because I tasted a cocktail at Pebble Beach Food and Wine that I just know you’ll enjoy. It’s a basically a Bellini made with super sweet Driscoll’s raspberries. The story is told through video. It’s the story of my day stomping through the mud at a raspberry farm.

I learned lots of cool stuff, but the coolest is this: You can trace the journey of your package of fresh Driscoll’s Berries all the back to the farm where they were grown. Turn over the package and you will find a label featuring a code that tells you about the farms where your berries were hand harvested. Find the code on your clamshell here!

But I promised the recipe first. And here it is. GREG

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  • http://www.healthyfoodforliving.com/ Lauren

    I’ve never had ginger liqueur before, but man does that sound amazing! Plus, you just can’t go wrong with ripe summer raspberries.

  • grace

    like lauren, i had no idea ginger liqueur even existed. every visit here is an education, greg!