Chocolate Cream Pie

Just looks naked, right? Naked, but oh-so-smooth.

I came by my sweet tooth honestly–both of my grandmothers love their sugar, and my one and only mother can’t escape its enticement either. Her downfall, or one of them, anyway, is chocolate cream pie. This is a classic pie that’s rich and flavorful and smooth like silk. It requires a lot of attention (chocolate scrambled eggs, anyone?) and elbow grease to make, but the calories rewards are many. I recommend using some high quality chocolate, but let’s be honest–a bag of Hershey’s morsels will get the job done.

It's just not complete without that whipped cream!

Just as a side note, I’ve been known to mix up the flavors in this pie from time to time lest things get boring, and my favorite variation to date is mint chocolate chip. Simply add a little mint extract in place of some of the vanilla and stir in about half a cup of morsels or chunks after the thickened filling has cooled a bit. Let your imagination run wild!

But hey–if you make this for your mother, don’t skimp on the whipped cream. After all, this woman did give you life.


  • Greg Henry

    I am would never skimp on the whipped cream! GREG