Meet Debby

Debby Farmer has shared over 1,000 recipes both on Key Ingredient and her beautiful food blog, A Feast for the Eyes.  Born to an American military soldier and a German woman from a family of restaurant-owners, it would seem cooking and presenting food is in Debby’s genes.  But Debby came to cooking slowly.  10 years ago, she began asking questions about her food.  Where did it come from?  How was it produced?  Since then, Debby has completely eliminated packaged and processed foods from her diet, and now she showcases recipes with simple, fresh ingredients from organic and sustainable sources.  Both her recipes and her photos are bright and beautiful.  We love having Debby in our community, and we hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we have!


KI User Name: Foodiewife

Real Name: Debby Farmer

Hometown: Monterey, California

KI Member since: 2009

1. Describe your cooking style.

I’d describe my cooking style as “ambitious”. I’m on a mission to learn how to cook like our grandmothers once did– from scratch. Many of my recipes incorporates my mother’s Southern German background. My recipes range from simple comfort food like homemade Sloppy Joes to Seared Duck Breasts with a Cherry & Port Reduction sauce.

2. Who do you love to cook for?

I cook for me! My husband jokes that dinner is whatever craving I’m having. That’s true, but I try to make dishes that I know are his childhood favorites.

3. Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m highly visual, and that’s why I spend far too much time visiting food blogs. A photo can jolt me into wanting to make that recipe immediately. I subscribe to Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen online because I love watching their shows. Ina Garten, Tyler Florence and Anne Burrell are my top three favorite Food Network shows.

4. What’s your favorite recipe that you’ve shared with us?

My #1 most viewed and favorite is my Best Meatloaf and it is our favorite at home.

#2 is my Austrian Goulash, which is my own recipe. It’s my family’s favorite, too.

For the sweet side of me: Salted Caramel Ice Cream because it’s a bit of work, and I had to overcome my fear of making homemade caramel.

Last, but not least, my birthday cake with cooked vanilla frosting. I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate desserts, but this cake recipe is one of my very favorites.

5. What’s the best part about sharing recipes?

I enjoy meeting other people who are as passionate about cooking and baking as I am. When someone sends an email to me, telling me how much they loved my recipe or how my step-by-step photos were to follow– I am so happy that I decided to put myself out there, publicly, with my photos and recipes. I now have a large collection of recipes that I store on my DEMY. My husband boasts to his co-workers that he rarely gets the same meal twice– he never knows what’s going to be served, but he knows it’s going to be good. (I think my husband is just a little bit biased.)

All photos used with permission from Debby Farmer.

  • Foodiewife

    Thank you for the interview! I’m such a fan of the Key Ingredient recipes cards, and I absolutely love my DEMY. I have all of my recipes, and those I still want to make, stored electronically. No more spilled food stains on cards, or wondering where that recipe went that I clipped!

  • Svitalian

    Love your recipes and your blog. Thank you for all of your work.

  • Foodiewife

    Thanks, Svitalian! It’s been a fun three years.

  • Peggio

    I recently found your blog, Debby & I LOVE it! Spent most of one day browsing through & saving recipes. I’m a CI & ATK lover as well, & especially enjoy getting the science background for their wonderful recipes. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas in pictures, it’s addictive. I look forward to coming here to Key Ingredient blog now that you pointed me in the right direction!