Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice for Halloween

Kathy : October 22, 2014 09:00 : Kathy Hester

I love Harry Potter and we’re doing a themed Halloween party this year. We went to the new Diagon Alley part of Universal Studios earlier this year and we had so much fun that we’re going back in December!

Easy Harry Potter's Homemade Pumpkin  Juice Recipe

In the books, and at the park, pumpkin juice is vegan. Unfortunately, Butterbeer is not vegan in the park, so I drank extra pumpkin juice while we were there.

Pumpkin juice is not just a pumpkin that went through a juicer. It has pumpkin pie spices, pumpkin puree, vanilla and is thick with an apricot puree. The very best part? There’s no refined sugar – it’s sweetened with apple juice!

Easy Harry Potter's Homemade Pumpkin  Juice Recipe

Want more vegan Halloween ideas? Here’s a free download of 10 recipes for you!


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Slow Cooker Autumn Harvest Veggie Soup

Kathy : October 15, 2014 09:00 : Kathy Hester

I use my slow cooker all year long. Even if you haven’t gotten on the summer crockpot train chances are that you’ve pulled yours out of its resting place.

The cooler weather and the changing leaves leads the way for soup and bread dinners at my house. It’s a signal to stock up on winter squash and pumpkin. Then Brussels sprouts start appearing at Trader Joe’s or your farmers market.

Autumn Harvest Veggie Soup from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two by Kathy Hester

Brussels sprouts fascinate me with their broomstick-sized stems. My picky eater’s favorite way to eat them is shredded and sautéed with pecans, maple syrup and a dash of liquid smoke.

She was tempted with this soup too. The winter squash stand in for the sweetness of the maple syrup and the apple cider vinegar gives this soup the depth it needs. I think you’ll enjoy this on a chilly night while you’re decorating your house for Halloween.

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A Warming Maple Spiced Toddy

Kathy : October 8, 2014 09:00 : Kathy Hester

It’s so easy to brew yourself a tasty toddy. It’s just tea brewed with spices and mixed with some bourbon and maple syrup. You can also add in some freshly squeezed lemon and if you’re coming down with a cold. It’s a tasty way to get in some extra vitamin C.

The spices I use in this one are whole and get infused into the water first, then you can seep the tea to the strength you like it. You can use cinnamon chips or sticks. In a pinch you can mix in ground spices but I would still strain it before you drink it or it will be gritty.

VMaple Spiced Hot Toddy Recipe by Kathy Hester

I use a good quality black tea, but you could use a green or herbal tea in its place. If you are not a fan of bourbon you could use rum in its place.

Typically I like a strong black tea and I steep it for 4 minutes. I recommend setting a timer because if you go over it can get bitter. If you use green tea only steep for up to 3 minutes and you can go up to 5 minutes for an herbal tea.

VMaple Spiced Hot Toddy Recipe by Kathy Hester

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