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Rhubarb Gin and Tonic

Greg : April 18, 2014 03:03 : Greg Henry

rhubarb_1It’s time for me to pick a signature cocktail of my own to help define the upcoming season. Rhubarb is a special springtime treat. It’s sour bite makes it a natural in cocktails and it’s Easter Egg hue is too pretty to ignore. So when I sat down to develop an Easter inspired cocktail I knew just where I wanted to go. Rhubarb Gin and Tonic.

Well I’ll drink to that! Because when the thermometer begins to rise, the cocktail I most typically pour into my glass is the good old G&T– Gin and Tonic! I like its crisp, herbal nature. Sure it’s got the kick of gin but I like them light enough to be able to enjoy more than one when the mood strikes. That’s a perfect springtime cocktail in my mind.

But this is an Easter cocktail and I have decided to tweak this classic with rhubarb. You heard me right, rhubarb. more »

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Spring Pea Soup

Greg : April 11, 2014 03:45 : Greg Henry

mintedpeasoup1_0What springs to mind this time of year? Why peas of course! As soon as I hear that distinct boing from a spring that has fully sprung. I make this soup, Spring Pea Soup with Mint and Sour Cream.

Because peas and mint are a traditional springtime duo. Here they are brought together in a Pea Soup with Mint that has features the slight tartness and rich body of sour cream. Making for a little bit of pure pea perfection in a cute little bowl.

Like I said I make this soup every year just as the peas hit their peak of perfection. I suggest you wait for that moment too when making Pea Soup with Mint like this. Get the peas too early and they can be small and disappointing. Wait too long in the season and they can get starchy. Get them at just the right moment and you simply won’t believe their sweet flavor. more »

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Chocolate (and Peanut Butter) Cake

Greg : April 4, 2014 03:41 : Greg Henry

chocolatecakes_0When I heard that The Back Burner was to be discussing peanut butter this week the phrase “let them eat cake” immediately popped in my head. I have this  cookbook from Elinor Klivens that features a chocolate and peanut butter cake that I have been dying to try.

I know. I know. Chocolate. Perhaps the most over discussed topic in the pantry. But this cookbook is more than just another book with chocolate in the title.

The truth is this book is not really a book about chocolate (or peanut butter). It’s about cake. Chocolate Cakes: 50 Great Cakes for Every Occasion (Chronicle Books). It’s a book I think you’ll enjoy. more »

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